For reservation

Reservation can be accepted from the reservation system of this site, or from the telephone, fax, inquiry page.

About the accommodation of children

The hotel does not set a child fee and if it is less than elementary school student, it can be used for free if it is in the form of co-sleeping (up to 1 person per bed). However, if you need a bedding, etc. separately for elementary school students or above, we will charge the same as one adult. In case of late sleeping, there is no amenity other than bedding, so be sure to prepare, please use it.

About reservation cancellation

Cancellation fee will be charged as follows.
That day        :100% of the accommodation fee
The previous day    :100% of the accommodation fee
From 5 days ago     :80% of the accommodation fee

About payment

Customers using other than net card payment are asked to pay at check-in. Payment can be made by credit card in addition to cash.
The corresponding credit card is as follows.

VISA Master Card UnionPay ALIPAY

About check in and check out

Check-in time of the hotel is after 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00.
Please note that check-in time can not be advanced.
In case of late check-in time or after 22:00 you are sorry to trouble you, but please contact in advance

On extension of checkout time

Customers wishing to extend the checkout time will incur additional fee of 1000 yen per hour. If it is extended beyond 12:00 it will be the cost of the day’s accommodation fee.
Also, we may refuse the checkout extension depending on the reservation situation of the day, so thank you in advance for your understanding.

About your baggage

We refuse to leave your luggage, so please understand.
Also, please be sure to visit yourself at all when you visit or after check-in.

About curfew

The hotel has no curfew.
Since the entrance door will be an auto lock, unlock it with the room key you have.

About parking lot

There is no parking lot at the same time. Guests using the parking lot should use nearby coin parking.

Cleaning of rooms of guests staying consecutively

Cleaning of rooms of guests staying consecutively

About smoking

The hotel is a non smoking hotel. Smoking guests are required to smoke in the smoking space installed on the outdoor stairs.

Other notes

· If there is smoking in the hotel’s hall, we will charge a cleaning fee separately.
· Visitors other than guests are requested to visit in the lobby.
· For customers who do not have an address registration in Japan, we always make a copy of your passport upon check-in according to the rules of the inn. Please note.
· In case of consecutive nights for more than one week, we may ask you to change the room due to hygiene issues according to the rules of the inn.
· Please contact me as soon as you lost the room key. In addition, we will charge the actual cost of card key creation.